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Fretz Hammers & Stakes

Polished stainless steel and rosewood handles make Fretz hammers among the finest small hammers in the world. Miniature stakes also available.
  • Miniature Precisionsmith Hammers

    Miniature Precisionsmith Hammers

    The Precisionsmith Hammer series features the smallest hammers made by Fretz Tools. 65mm average head length.

  • Maker® Miniature Hammers

    Maker® Miniature Hammers

    Fretz Maker® Miniature Hammers (400 Series) are comparable to Fretz's Precisionsmith Series, but at a lower price. 65mm average head length.

  • Mid-size Jewelers' Hammers

    Mid-size Jewelers' Hammers

    Fretz Jewelers' Hammers are smaller than silversmithing hammers, but available in many of the same styles. 75mm average head length.

  • Maker® Mid-size Hammers

    Maker® Mid-size Hammers

    Fretz Maker® Mid-size Hammers are comparable to Fretz's Jeweler's Series, but at a lower price. 75mm average head length.

  • Large Silversmithing Hammers

    Large Silversmithing Hammers

    Fretz's Silversmithing Hammers are full-size, high-quality planishing, and forming hammers. Largest size heads.

  • Chasing & Specialty Hammers

    Chasing & Specialty Hammers

    Chasing hammers and specialty hammers from Fretz, including goldsmithing and designs by Michael Good.

  • Miniature Stakes

    Miniature Stakes

    High quality miniature forming stakes from Fretz Tools, including raising and forming stakes as well as micro-miniature stakes.

  • Repoussé & Chasing Tools

    Repoussé & Chasing Tools

    Chasing & repoussé tools and sets from Fretz for embossing metal surfaces with intricate detail.