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  • Bur Sets

    Bur Sets

    Bur sets in a variety of shapes. Assortments for specific needs, such as stone setting.

  • Vanadium Steel

    Vanadium Steel

    Durable vanadium steel burs, including Busch® and Maillefer brands.

  • High Speed Steel

    High Speed Steel

    High Speed Steel (HSS) burs are longer lasting and sharper than vanadium steel.

  • Carbide Burs

    Carbide Burs

    Carbide steel burs offer the best cutting efficiency and durability of any bur available.

  • Diamond Burs

    Diamond Burs

    Diamond coated burs in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Also diamond fly wheels for bright-cutting.

  • Wax Burs

    Wax Burs

    Aggressive wax burs remove large amounts of material quickly. Available individually or in sets.

  • Bur Accessories

    Bur Accessories

    Organizers for your collection of burs and lubricants for more efficient cutting.