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  • Bur Sets

    Bur Sets

    Bur sets in a variety of shapes. Assortments for specific needs, such as stone setting.

  • Vanadium Steel

    Vanadium Steel

    Economically priced vanadium steel burs cut precisely when new, but don't retain their sharpness as long as hss and carbide steel. Used at low speeds.

  • High Speed Steel

    High Speed Steel

    High Speed Steel (HSS) burs strike a balance between cost and durability. They maintain their hardness (temper) better than Vanadium Steel and cost less than Carbide Steel.

  • Carbide Steel Burs

    Carbide Steel Burs

    Carbide steel burs are the most durable and most expensive. They maintain sharp edges longer than other steel, even when used at high speeds.

  • Diamond Burs

    Diamond Burs

    Diamond burs/points are made from steel that has diamond particles bonded to the outside. They're ideal for carving glass, stone, and metal.

  • Wax Burs

    Wax Burs

    Wax carving burs feature widely-spaced cutting edges for aggressive material removal without clogging. They can also be used for carving wood and plastic.

  • Bur Accessories

    Bur Accessories

    Organizers for your collection of burs and lubricants for more efficient cutting.