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Ring Making Tools

Finger rings are one of the oldest forms of personal decoration. Contenti stocks both traditional and modern ring making tools for whatever style ring you want to construct.

  • Ring Mandrels & Gauges

    Ring Mandrels & Gauges

    Solid ring mandrels are used for forming ring blanks from metal sheet and wire. Aluminum and wood ring sticks are used solely for measuring ring sizes. Finger gauge sets measure finger sizes.

  • Ring Benders & Sizers

    Ring Benders & Sizers

    Ring benders use mechanical advantage to easily bend sheet and wire ring blanks into ring forms. Sizers use leverage to reduce or enlarge rings without the need for cutting and re-soldering.

  • Ring Clamps

    Ring Clamps

    Traditional hardwood and aluminum ring clamps easily secure rings for stone setting, engraving and other operations. Hand-held expanding collet ring clamps offer even more flexibility.

Ring Making Tools

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    Fretz Spinner Ring Jig

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    Economy Unmarked Ring Mandrel

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  3. Aluminum Ring Sticks

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  5. Hand Held Ring Saw

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    Mahogany Ring Clamp and Bench Pin Set

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    Single-Ended Ring Clamp

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48 Items

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