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Torches & Regulators

Jeweler's torches and regulators from Hoke, Smith Equipment and Gentec, acetylene and oxygen torches, micro butane torches, tanks, torch holders and accessories.

Torches & Regulators

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  1. Hose Connectors

    Starting at $3.42

  2. Smith Little Torch Tips

    Starting at $23.65

  3. Gentec Small Torch Tips

    Starting at $19.99

  4. Smith Melting Torch Tips

    Starting at $38.25

  5. Orca Propane EZ Torch

    Starting at $135.00

  6. Torch Lighter

    Starting at $1.95

  7. Sheet metal type110-413, Rod-type with thread 110-420

    Torch Holders

    Starting at $2.25

  8. Y Connectors

    Starting at $42.85

  9. Torch Tanks

    Starting at $116.02

40 Items

per page
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