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Some of the manufacturers/brands of jewelry making tools we carry.
  • Pepetools


    Pepetools makes jewelry tools such as dapping punch sets, disc cutters, ring benders, and the venerable Pepe Jump Ring Maker.

  • GRS Engraving Tools (Glendo)

    GRS Engraving Tools (Glendo)

    GRS engraving tools from Glendo include GraverMax and BenchMate systems as well as GRS jewelry engraving blocks.

  • Durston Rolling Mills

    Durston Rolling Mills

    Durston has been producing high quality jeweler's rolling mills since 1961. Contenti carries a wide range of manual and electric rolling mills from Durston.

  • Fretz Hammers & Stakes

    Fretz Hammers & Stakes

    High quality stainless steel and rosewood handles make Fretz hammers the finest small hammers. Miniature and mid-size stakes and chasing tools also available.

  • Busch Burs

    Busch Burs

    Busch burs have been produced in Germany since 1905. Contenti carries vanadium steel and carbide dental burs from Busch in a variety of shapes.

  • Matt Carving Wax & Tools

    Matt Carving Wax & Tools

    Jewelry carving waxes from Matt (Du-matt) are formulated to the demanding standards of professional wax carvers for lost wax casting.

  • Gemoro Products

    Gemoro Products

    Contenti carries steam cleaners and jewelry scales from GemOro Products in addition to GemOro Elite microscopes.

  • Foredom Flex Shaft Tools

    Foredom Flex Shaft Tools

    Foredom flexshafts are the gold standard. Their flexible shaft motors and rotary power tools can be found on jeweler's benches worldwide.

    For a limited time, save 10% off all Foredom Flexshaft Kits, including SR, TX, LX, and PGX Power Graver Kits.

  • Grobet Files & Gravers

    Grobet Files & Gravers

    Grobet Swiss pattern files and gravers for jewelry making. We stock a variety of hand files and needle files, along with other tools from Grobet.

  • Smith Torches

    Smith Torches

    The Smith Little Torch is one of the most versatile jewelry torches on the market. Contenti carries propane and oxy acetylene torches from Smith Equipment.

  • Lindstrom Pliers & Cutters

    Lindstrom Pliers & Cutters

    Made in Sweden, Lindstrom Tools' pliers and wire cutters provide the precision and high quality required by jewelers.

  • Picard Hammers

    Picard Hammers

    German-made Picard hammers with hickory handles. Planishing and silversmithing hammers available.

  • Xuron Cutters & Pliers

    Xuron Cutters & Pliers

    Xuron Micro-Shear cutters produce the cleanest cuts in metal wire and beading string. They are among the highest quality tools made in the USA.

  • Castaldo Mold Rubber

    Castaldo Mold Rubber

    Castaldo mold rubber for lost wax jewelry casting is produced to exacting standards, resulting in minimal shrinkage and maximum detail.

  • Beadsmith Tools

    Beadsmith Tools

    Beadsmith makes a variety of bead and craft wire and specialty tools like jewelry pliers, hammers and steel stamps.

  • Reliable Steam Cleaners

    Reliable Steam Cleaners

    Jewelry steam cleaners from Reliable are crafted in Italy using high grade stainless steel. Steam cleaning jewelry is non-toxic and highly effective.

  • Art Clay Metal Clay

    Art Clay Metal Clay

    Art Clay Silver is a metal clay made of fine silver particles, water, and an organic binder. Once fired, it becomes 99.9% pure silver.

  • Artistic Wire

    Artistic Wire

    Artistic Wire makes a variety of craft wire and wire wrapping tools for jewelry artists.

  • Beadalon


    Beadalon offers a wide range of beading and wire-wrapping tools and accessories for artists, including coil makers.

  • Maillefer Burs

    Maillefer Burs

    Swiss-based Maillefer has been making vanadium and carbide steel burs for dental and jewelry applications since 1889.

  • L&R Ultrasonic Cleaners

    L&R Ultrasonic Cleaners

    L&R ultrasonic cleaning systems for jewelry and watch makers are world-renowned. Their Quantrex cleaners are among the best available.