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We carry the top brands of tools and equipment for jewelry makers and metalsmiths. From the highest quality professional brands to low cost economy models.

  • GRS Engraving Tools

    GRS Engraving Tools

    GRS Tools designs and manufactures the highest quality engraving tools, including the versatile BenchMate, GraverHone, Micro and MagnaBlocks, and a wide array of gravers.

  • Pepetools


    Pepetools is well-known for their reasonably priced dapping and forming tools, US-made rolling mills, metal shears, and digital plating systems as well as the Pepe Jump Ring Maker.

  • Fretz Hammers & Stakes

    Fretz Hammers & Stakes

    Polished stainless steel heads and rosewood handles make Fretz hammers among the highest quality small hammers in the world. Mini stakes and chasing tools are also available.

  • Grobet Files & Gravers

    Grobet Files & Gravers

    Grobet Swiss pattern files in both full size and needle files, along with escapement and riffler files. We also stock high speed steel gravers and a variety of polishing compounds from Grobet.

  • Smith Torches

    Smith Torches

    The Smith Little Torch is one of the most versatile torches for precision jewelry soldering. For larger-scale work, we carry propane and oxy acetylene torches from Smith Equipment.

  • Matt Carving Wax & Tools

    Matt Carving Wax & Tools

    Jewelry carving waxes from Matt (Du-matt) are formulated to the demanding standards of professional wax carvers for lost wax casting.We also carry templates and tools from Matt.

  • Foredom Flex Shaft Tools

    Foredom Flex Shaft Tools

    Foredom flexshafts are the gold standard for wax carving, grinding, and finishing jewelry work. Their flexible shaft motors and rotary power tools can be found on benches worldwide.

  • Lindstrom Pliers & Cutters

    Lindstrom Pliers & Cutters

    Made in Sweden, Lindstrom pliers and wire cutters provide the precision and high quality required by jewelers. The precisely aligned lap and screw joint is designed to last a lifetime.

  • Gemoro Products

    Gemoro Products

    GemOro jewelry scales offer high precision at an affordable cost. Choose from large format scales for professionals to pocket-sized scales for hobbyists.

  • Picard Hammers

    Picard Hammers

    German-made Picard hammers feature high quality, well-finished steel and smooth hickory handles. Raising, embossing, planishing, and polishing models available.

  • Xuron Cutters & Pliers

    Xuron Cutters & Pliers

    US-made Xuron Micro-Shear cutters produce the cleanest cuts in metal wire and beading string. Their pliers are among the highest quality available for jewelry tasks.

  • Busch Burs

    Busch Burs

    Busch burs have been produced in Germany since 1905. Contenti carries vanadium steel dental burs from Busch in a variety of shapes and a wide range of sizes.

  • Durston Rolling Mills

    Durston Rolling Mills

    Durston has been producing the highest quality jeweler's rolling mills since 1961. Contenti carries a wide range of manual and electric rolling mills from Durston in a range of widths and styles.

  • Castaldo Mold Rubber

    Castaldo Mold Rubber

    Castaldo mold rubber for lost wax jewelry casting is produced to exacting standards, resulting in minimal shrinkage and maximum detail. Available in strips, rolls, Ready-Cut rectangles.

  • Beadsmith Tools

    Beadsmith Tools

    Beadsmith makes a variety of bead and craft wire and specialty tools like jewelry pliers, hammers and steel stamps. The preferred brand of many wire wrappers and jewelry makers.

  • Reliable Steam Cleaners

    Reliable Steam Cleaners

    Jewelry steam cleaners from Reliable are crafted in Italy using high grade stainless steel for durability. Steam cleaning jewelry is non-toxic and highly effective.

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