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  • Needle Files

    Needle Files

    Swiss pattern needle files from Grobet and metal files and sets for jewelers.

  • Escapement Files

    Escapement Files

    Smaller than typical needle files, escapement files are perfect for filing metal in tight places when making jewelry. Grobet Swiss pattern / cut.

  • Full Size Files

    Full Size Files

    Full size Swiss pattern hand files from Grobet files, including Inox metal files, and others for jewelers. Available individually and in sets.

  • Rifflers


    Metal riffler files are perfect for getting into tight and irregularly shaped areas. Most are double-ended Swiss pattern files from Grobet. Perfect for jewelry projects.

  • Diamond Files

    Diamond Files

    Diamond-coated metal files for working with hard materials.

  • Wax Files

    Wax Files

    Wax files with aggressive teeth for quick material removal when making wax models for jewelry.

  • File Handles & Accessories

    File Handles & Accessories

    File handles in both wood and plastic. Also, metal file cleaners.