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We stock metal files for jewelry making and metal working in a wide variety of shapes and styles, including Swiss pattern files from Grobet USA, rifflers, and specialized diamond and wax files.

  • Full Size Files

    Full Size Files

    Swiss pattern files from Grobet USA and others typically measure 4' to 8" long, not including their tangs. Most require a separate handle made of wood or plastic for comfort.

  • Needle Files

    Needle Files

    Needle files from Grobet and other manufacturers are typically 4 to 6" long with an integrated knurled handle. They're great for getting into tight spaces for precision filing and finishing.

  • Escapement Files

    Escapement Files

    Similar in design to needle files, with their integrated handles, but with typically narrower and shorter cut sections. Great for accessing very tight areas and for precise filing operations.

  • Rifflers


    <p>Riffler files are perfect for accessing irregularly shaped areas for metal filing. Most are double-ended and slightly longer than needle files.</p>
  • Diamond Files

    Diamond Files

    Diamond-coated files are primarily used on hard metals such as steel and on glass. They don't have teeth like steel files, so they can cut in any direction. Always use with water or another lubricant.

  • Wax Files

    Wax Files

    With their aggressive tooth shape, wax working files remove soft material like wax and plastics quickly . Used primarily for making wax models.

  • File Handles & Accessories

    File Handles & Accessories

    Screw-on plastic file handles and press-fit wood handles with metal ferrules for securely holding full size files. We also carry metal file cleaners to keep your tools cutting cleanly.


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