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Jewelry Making Tools & Supplies

  • Newest Products

    Newest Products

    The latest products added to our extensive selection of metalsmithing and jewelry tools.

  • Sale Specials

    Sale Specials

    The best deals on tools for jewelers, metalsmiths, and bead workers. Save on the tools you need.

  • Adhesives


    Orange flake shellac for engraving, epoxy for gemstone and other mounting, and super glue.

  • Anvils & Stakes

    Anvils & Stakes

    Miniature forming stakes from Fretz, full-size metalsmithing stakes, and highly polished steel bench blocks and anvils.

  • Benches & Accessories

    Benches & Accessories

    Jeweler's workbenches, benchpins, including the GRS Benchmate System, and organizers for your tools and small parts.

  • Books & Videos

    Books & Videos

    A wide selection of books and dvds on jewelry making techniques, jewelry projects, beading and wire-wrapping and metal clay.

  • Burs


    Vanadium, carbide and high speed steel burs from Busch and Maillefer. Also diamond and wax burs wide variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Casting


    Lost wax casting and spin (white metal) casting supplies, carving wax and tools, mold rubber, casting alloys, crucibles, and burnout ovens.

  • Dapping & Forming

    Dapping & Forming

    Dapping punch sets, steel dapping blocks and dies, disc cutters, and forming sets made of steel, wood or plastic.

  • Dispensing


    Plastic syringes, needle tiplets, and air pressure systems for dispensing epoxy, paste solder and other liquids.

  • Drawplates


    Hardened steel drawplates for forming wire stock, as well as drwbenches and tongs to make the task easier.

  • Drilling


    Steel twist drills and diamond coated drills, fixtures for drilling pearls and other gemstones, as well as drill presses and tap and die sets.

  • Engraving


    Steel gravers and handles from GRS and E.C. Muller, engraving blocks and chaser's pitch, and jewelry engraving machines.

  • Files


    Needle files, full size files, rifflers and daimond files from Grobet and others. Available in a wide variety of shapes and cuts.

  • Flex Shafts

    Flex Shafts

    Foredom flexshafts and foot controllers, as well as handpieces and replacement parts. Contenti Economy Flex Shaft.

  • Gauges, Layout & Testing

    Gauges, Layout & Testing

    Digital calipers and sliding gauges, ring and finger gauges, gemstone and metal tesing tools, and steel rulers and degree gauges.

  • Hammers


    Steel forming hammers from Peddinghaus, Picard, and Fretz. Rawhide, brass, and nylon mallets. Chasing and riveting hammers.

  • Magnifiers & Lighting

    Magnifiers & Lighting

    Magnifying triplets from Bausch & Lomb. Bench lighting and desk mounted magnifiers, as well as head-mounted optivisors.

  • Mandrels


    Steel ring and bracelet mandrels, wire-wrapping mandrels, and rotary tools mandrels for miniature abrasives.

  • Metal & Metal Clay

    Metal & Metal Clay

    Copper, brass, nickel silver and pewter wire and sheet metal. Casting alloys for lost wax and spin casting. Findings and metal clay.

  • Plating

    Plating & Patinas

    Digital plating machines and pen platers, electroplating solutions, and plating supplies.

  • Pliers, Cutters & Shears

    Pliers, Cutters & Shears

    Box joint and lap joint pliers, cutters, and shears from Lindstrom, Xuron, and Beadsmith. Parallel jaw and brass or nylon lined pliers.

  • Polishing & Finishing

    Polishing & Finishing

    Sandpaper and abrasive wheels, polishing compounds, bristle brushes, polishing and vibratory machines, and ultrasonic cleaners.

  • Punches & Stamps

    Punches & Stamps

    Chasing tools, center punches and steel letter and number stamp sets, as well as decorative design stamps.

  • Ring Tools

    Ring Tools

    Ring sizers and bending tools, ring clamps, steel forming mandrels, ring sticks, and ring and finger gauges.

  • Rolling Mills

    Rolling Mills

    High quality rolling mills from Durston, Pepetools, and Contenti. Models available with or without wire rollers, extension rolls, and gear reduction.

  • Safety Equipment

    Safety Equipment

    Safety glases, dust masks, rubber and leather gloves, and workshop aprons.

  • Sawing


    Jeweler's saw frames, saw blades from Herkules, Antelope, and Contenti, sawing jigs, and the Pepetools Jump Ring Maker.

  • Scales


    High quality electronic scales from Ohaus, GemOro, and Tanita. Compact, portable models available.

  • Shears


    Bench shears for cutting large pieces of sheet metal, hand shears and compound nips, and steel disc cutter sets.

  • Soldering & Joining

    Soldering & Joining

    Silver solder in sheets, wire, and paste; borax and Batterns flux. Torches from Smith and Gentec, soldering boards, picklers, and riveting tools.

  • Stone Setting

    Stone Setting

    Bezel rollers and pushers, stone setting punches and pliers, millgrain and texturing wheels.

  • Store Supplies

    Store Supplies

    Jewelry display pins, tags, and plastic bags for storage.

  • Tool Kits

    Tool Kits

    Tool kits for jewely making, soldering, wire-wrapping, and beading.

  • Tweezers


    Jeweler's tweezers made of stainless steel, brass, or nylon. Cross-locking, swiss pattern, diamond, and split ring styles available.

  • Vises


    Hand-held vises for precision work and bench vises for mounting to work surfaces.

  • Watch Tools

    Watch Tools

    Watch case opeing and closing tools, watch band cutters and spring bars, small screwdrivers and battery changing tools.

  • Wire Working & Beading

    Wire Working & Beading

    Specialty tools for wire-working and beading: craft wire, bead reamers, wire forming jigs, storage bins, and specialty pliers.