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Engraving & Stone Setting

The traditional arts of stone setting and engraving rely on high quality gravers, engraving blocks, ring holding fixtures, and hand tools. We stock a wide variety from GRS Tools and others.

  • Gravers


    We stock steel gravers from GRS Tools, Grobet USA, and Muller in carbide, high speed steel, and economical carbon steel. Many shapes and sizes available, including lining and ring shank gravers.

  • Graver Handles

    Graver Handles

    Choose a graver handle from among several styles and materials, including finely finished hardwood and composite materials. GRS Quick Change handles also available.

  • Engraving Block Ball Vises & Fixtures

    Engraving Block Ball Vises & Fixtures

    <p>Graver blocks in several sizes and weights from GRS Tools as well economy models. Other engraving fixtures include pin vises, German pitch, and Jett Sett Basic&trade; Fixturing Compound.</p>
  • Engraving Machines

    Engraving Machines

    Air-powered engraving machines from GRS Tools are a must for many experienced engravers. Choose from several handpieces, depending on your needs. Manual machines and type sets also available.

  • Sharpening, Scribers & Layout

    Sharpening, Scribers & Layout

    Using a electric honing tool like the GRS GraverHone or a manual sharpening fixture and bench stone keeps your gravers sharp and cutting well. Acrylic layout templates and scribers also available.

  • GRS Benchmate System

    GRS Benchmate System

    The Benchmate system from GRS Tools makes stone setting, engraving, jewelry repair, soldering and fabrication more efficient. The modular system includes a variety of fixtures.

  • Stone Setting Hand Tools

    Stone Setting Hand Tools

    Traditional tools for stone setting can't be beat for their simplicity and reliability. We stock bezel rollers, bezel block punch sets, prong pushers, burnishers, and beading tools.

  • Clamps & Fixtures

    Clamps & Fixtures

    Keep your work steady for engraving and stone setting with our selection of clamps and fixtures, including bracelet holders, setting jigs, and Jett Sett Basic™ Fixturing Compound.

  • Stone Setting Pliers

    Stone Setting Pliers

    Specialty pliers to aid with closing and opening stone setting prongs and ring holding pliers for a variety of tasks.

  • Millgrain & Texturing

    Millgrain & Texturing

    Millgrain tools are traditionally used to apply a decorative bead pattern to the edges of rings and other jewelry items. Pavé tools use diamond tips to impart a bright texture to metal.

Engraving & Stone Setting

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  1. Muller HSS Flat Gravers

    Starting at $10.95

  2. Muller HSS Round Gravers

    Starting at $10.95

  3. Muller HSS Bevel Gravers

    Starting at $14.03

  4. GRS HSS QC Flat Gravers

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  5. GRS HSS QC Round Gravers

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  6. GRS HSS QC Knife Gravers

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  8. GRS Fixed Mounting Plate

    Starting at $33.50

  9. GRS ID Ring Holder

    Starting at $29.00

1-130 of 246 Items

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