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GRS C-Max Burin Graver and Handle Kit

GRS C-Max Burin Graver and Handle Kit

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This GRS Burin is made of C-Max Tungsten Carbide Alloy, a grade of steel that has the ability to hold a sharp edge for an incredibly long time. It's perfect for hand engraving, especially intaglio print making. The graver is made from a 0.125" (3.17 mm) diameter round blank approximately 3" (75 mm) long. The 35° face angle is relieved by a 15° face that makes sharpening easier (less material to remove). The sides are also thinned with 2.5° relief faces. The heel features two 12° surfaces that form a 100° included V-point that is slightly wider than a traditional square graver. A 90° angle has been ground into the top of the burin, making it easy to secure in the handle and in most graver sharpening fixtures, including all GRS fixtures (see related products below). The GRS graver handle allows you to adjust the length of the burin using the included hex wrench.

Graver Basics

Unless otherwise noted, all gravers come pre-shaped with a ground cutting face. Gravers must be sharpened before use. Sharpening can be done manually with a stone or automated with a motorized hone.

GRS C-Max gravers are made from a specially formulated tungsten carbide alloy for a great blend of hardness and toughness. Although more brittle than other steel alloys, C-Max gravers stay sharp much longer. They can only be sharpened