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GRS GraverHone VS Sharpening Hone

GRS GraverHone VS Sharpening Hone

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Shape, sharpen, and polish carbide and high-speed steel gravers faster and with perfect accuracy using the GRS GraverHone VS. Powered by a high torque, made-in-USA motor with direct drive, reversibility, and variable speed. A speed selector dial and reverse switch are positioned on the face of the GraverHone. (see related products below) The quick-lock knob and spring make it fast and easy to install and change diamond wheels—just push down and twist. The drive plate and spindle are precisely engineered, machined, and installed to be exactly parallel to the top surface of every GraverHone. This precise alignment ensures repeatable grinds every time.

  • Variable speed motor (400-900 RPM)
  • Forward and reverse directions
  • High quality motor and components made in USA
  • Direct drive system
  • Precisely aligned spindle, drive plate, and top surface
  • Quick-lock mechanism for wheel changes
  • 110 volts

The GraverHone VS is made in USA by Glendo Llc and carries a full 2-year warranty covering parts and labor. Diamond wheels and graver sharpening fixtures are are sold separately. Made in USA.