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Soldering & Joining

Contenti stocks jeweler's torches from Smith, Hoke, and Gentec as well as a wide array of solders, soldering fluxes and pickle, soldering tools like third hands, and a variety of soldering boards.

  • Solder


    Silver solder sheet and wire, clipped solder pallions, plumb gold solder, silver solder paste and soft solder pellets with different melting points uses.

  • Soldering Flux & Pickle

    Soldering Flux & Pickle

    Choose traditional soldering flux pastes like Borax, Dandix, and Ultra Flux or liquids like Batterns, Prip's, or boric acid. After soldering, use Sparex or Black Magic pickle to remove scale and oxidation.

  • Torches & Regulators

    Torches & Regulators

    Jeweler's torches and regulators from Hoke, Smith Equipment and Gentec, acetylene and oxygen torches, micro butane torches, tanks, torch holders and accessories.

  • Soldering Tools

    Soldering Tools

    Ceramic and charcoal soldering boards, annealing pans with pumice or emery, jewelry soldering stands, soldering picks and precision third hand tools.

  • Soldering Kits

    Soldering Kits

    These kits are a great introduction to soldering and include all of the tools necessary to get started at an affordable price.

  • Riveting


    Cold connections like riveting don't require a torch and are great for beginners and small workshops. Contenti stocks brass and copper rivets along with tools needed for installation.
  • Adhesives


    Fast-setting glues like cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) are great for securing beading thread and gluing beads to posts. Orange Flake shellac for engraving and other adhesives also available.

Soldering & Joining

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  1. Silver Solder Wire

    Silver Solder Wire

    Starting at $11.59

  2. Silver Solder Sheets

    Silver Solder Sheets

    Starting at $9.30

  3. Clipped Gold Solder

    Clipped Gold Solder

    Starting at $58.90

  4. Plumb Gold Solder Sheets

    Plumb Gold Solder Sheets

    Starting at $41.30

  5. Plumb Gold Solder Paste

    Plumb Gold Solder Paste

    Starting at $40.38

  6. Gold Solder Repair Paste

    Gold Solder Repair Paste

    Starting at $33.10

  7. New2012-07-03 00:00:00
    Phos Copper Solder Paste
  8. Tix Solder

    Tix Solder

    Starting at $4.98

  9. Soft Solder Pastes

    Soft Solder Pastes

    Starting at $3.64

  10. Soft Solder Pellets

    Soft Solder Pellets

    Starting at $61.88

  11. New2015-11-27 00:00:00
    Dandix Flux Paste
  12. Prip's Soldering Flux

    Prip's Soldering Flux

    Starting at $7.87

  13. New2009-10-14 00:00:00
    Firescoff Ceramic Coating Soldering Flux
  14. New2014-10-14 00:00:00
    Firescoff Rh Soldering Flux for Rhodium
  15. Copper Tongs

    Copper Tongs

    Starting at $4.90

  16. Sale
    Electric Pickle Pot

    Electric Pickle Pot

    Special Price $11.95 Regular Price $14.65
  17. New2021-03-31 00:00:00
    .75 Quart Electric Pickle Pot
  18. New2013-11-06 00:00:00
    Non-Toxic Citric Acid Pickle
  19. best seller
    Sparex No. 2 Pickling Compound
  20. Sale
    Basic Jewelry Soldering Kit with Butane Torch

    Basic Jewelry Soldering Kit with Butane Torch

    Special Price $76.85 Regular Price $83.50
  21. Sale
    Micro Torch Soldering Kits

    Micro Torch Soldering Kits

    Starting at $145.50

1-40 of 140 Items

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