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Spin Casting White Metal

Contenti stocks everything you need for white metal spincasting, including organic and silicone mold rubber discs, Nicem and Contenti casting machines, and tin-lead and lead-free alloys.

  • Mold Rubber

    Mold Rubber

    Spin casting rubber discs from Contenti, Nicem and Marathon are stocked in several diameters. We carry both silicone and organic black mold rubber for vulcanizing and casting.

  • Pewter & Tin Alloys & Flux

    Pewter & Tin Alloys & Flux

    Pewter white metal alloys and fluxes for spincasting and pewter wire and sheet metal for model making. Lead and lead-free tin alloys available.

  • Spincasting Tools

    Spincasting Tools

    Spin-casting ring frames for mold rubber discs, mold cutting blades, acorn nuts and locators for mold registration, mold releases, and heavy-duty transfer ladels as well as moldmaker's gloves.

  • Spincasting Machines & Furnaces

    Spincasting Machines & Furnaces

    White metal spin casting machines from Contenti and Nicem, rubber mold vulcanizers, and low-melt furnaces for pewter and tin alloys. 

Spin Casting White Metal

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  1. Sale
    Marathon® Silicone Mold Rubber
  2. Stanogen Flux

    Stanogen Flux

    Starting at $94.88

  3. Clear Mold Rubber Frames

    Clear Mold Rubber Frames

    Starting at $20.25

  4. Mica Powder

    Mica Powder

    Starting at $9.45

  5. Talc Powder

    Talc Powder

    Starting at $16.95

  6. Mold Locators

    Mold Locators

    Starting at $4.35

  7. Acorn Nut Mold Locators

    Acorn Nut Mold Locators

    Starting at $62.25

  8. Thermometers


    Starting at $36.95

  9. Rubber Casting Pads

    Rubber Casting Pads

    Starting at $3.90

  10. Bottom Pour Ladles

    Bottom Pour Ladles

    Starting at $24.75

  11. Transfer Ladles

    Transfer Ladles

    Starting at $54.85

  12. Stainless Steel Ladles

    Stainless Steel Ladles

    Starting at $23.75

  13. PTFE Wire

    PTFE Wire

    Starting at $1.88

  14. Ring Frame Shimplates

    Ring Frame Shimplates

    Starting at $102.00

  15. Mold Rubber Ring Frames

    Mold Rubber Ring Frames

    Starting at $389.00

1-40 of 49 Items

per page
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