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stone-setting and bow opening pliers, bead and wire-wrapping pliers, specialty Xuron pliers and plastic lined jaws.
  • Stone Setting Pliers

    Stone Setting Pliers

    Specialty prong closing and prong opening pliers, stone setting pliers and ring holding pliers.

  • Bow & Split Ring Pliers

    Bow & Split Ring Pliers

    Bow opening and bow closing pliers, jump ring pliers and split ring pliers.

  • Bead & Wire Wrapping

    Bead & Wire Wrapping

    Bead holding and crimping pliers, coiling and wire wrapping pliers and wire twisters.

  • Xuron Pliers

    Xuron Pliers

    High quality US-made Xuron pliers in flat, bent nose and tweezer-nose styles.

  • Parallel Jaw Pliers

    Parallel Jaw Pliers

    Flat and chain nose pliers with parallel jaws. Nylon jaws also available.

  • Brass & Plastic Lined

    Brass & Plastic Lined

    Brass and nylon jaws pliers in a variety of styles for bending and forming.