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GRS GraverHone VS Kit with Standard Fixture

GRS GraverHone VS Kit with Standard Fixture

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Shape, sharpen, and polish carbide and high-speed steel gravers faster and with perfect accuracy using the GRS GraverHone VS. Powered by a high torque, made-in-USA variable speed motor (400-900 RPM) with direct drive and reversibility. The quick-lock knob makes wheel changes fast and easy—just push down and twist. The drive plate and spindle of each individual GraverHone is precisely aligned to be exactly parallel to the top surface of the unit. (see related products below) This precise alignment ensure accurate sharpening and repeatability. Made in USA by Glendo Llc and carries a full 2-year warranty covering parts and labor. 110 V.

This kit includes the base GraverHone VS unit, three Diamond Hone Wheels (260, 600, and 1200 grit), and the GRS Standard Graver Sharpening Fixture. The standard sharpening fixture features dual angle dials for adjusting both elevation and rotation angles for accurate, repeatable grinding of gravers. The clamping mechanism at the front of the fixture head securely holds both traditional and round shank gravers as well as other small tools. The fixture head slides smoothly along the vertical locating post for easy operation. The base of the fixture is precision ground and magnetized so that it stays exactly where you position it on the table of your hone.

The base GraverHone VS unit and Standard Graver Sharpening Fixture are also available separately and there is also a GraverHone VS Kit that includes the GRS Apex QC Sharpening Fixture with Speedline Dials.