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GRS QC HSS Engraver's Graver Assortment

New2012-08-21 00:00:00

GRS QC HSS Engraver's Graver Assortment

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This set of popular gravers includes six high speed steel (HSS) quick change (QC) shaped gravers, two GRS GlenSteel gravers, and two carbide graver blanks.

  • 5 HSS QC Flat Gravers No. 37, 38, 39, 40, & 42
  • 1 HSS QC Onglette Graver No. 1
  • 1 GlenSteel 120° Point Graver
  • 1 GlenSteel Square Gravers
  • 2 Carbide Graver Blanks

Graver Basics

Unless otherwise noted, all gravers come pre-shaped with a ground cutting face. Gravers must be sharpened before use. Sharpening can be done manually with a stone or automated with a motorized hone.

Flat Gravers have a flat cutting edge with either parallel or slightly tapered sides. They're useful for removing or texturing backgrounds, bright-cutting, block lettering, and cutting consistent width lines for borders.

Onglette (Point) Gravers have a cutting edge that comes to a fine point and curved sides. They're used for stone setting, line engraving, lettering, and inlay work. Perfect for cutting smooth curves and fine lines.

Square Gravers have a square face that creates a 90° cutting edge. They're used for removing background material, shading, cutting border lines and star shapes, and for raising and rolling beads for stone setting.

High Speed Steel (HSS) gravers strike a balance between cost and durability. They maintain their hardness (temper) better than standard carbon steel and cost less than carbide.

Carbide Steel gravers maintain their sharpness longer than any other steel. They are more brittle than carbon steel and hss and are more likely to break or chip if mishandled.

GRS Quick Change (QC) gravers are shorter than standard gravers and feature smaller shanks. The shanks fit QC tool holders, which provide fast tool switching between GRS graver handles and power handpieces.