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Fretz HMR-9 Jewelers' Wide Raising/Embossing Hammer

Fretz HMR-9 Jewelers' Wide Raising/Embossing Hammer

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The wider, longer profile of the Fretz HMR-9 Wide Embossing Hammer makes it ideal to block bowls or broad strips of metal into concave shapes. Like any embossing hammer, this hammer's purpose is to stretch metal from the inside. Ideal for chasing broad concave objects.

  • Head Weight 88 grams
  • Head Length 83 mm
  • Handle Length 220 mm (8.66")
  • Face Size 19 x 10 mm, curved
  • Face Size 19 x 7 mm, curved

Hammer Basics

Fretz Mid-Size Hammers are scaled-down versions of traditional silversmithing hammers and available in many of the same styles. Average head length is 75 mm. The classic shapes are great for planishing, embossing, raising, and