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GRS C-Max Carbide Round Graver Blanks

GRS C-Max Carbide Round Graver Blanks

Custom shape these C-Max Carbide blanks to create the perfect graver or tool for your needs. All blanks are 2" in length. For a handle, we recommend the GRS Quick Change Manual Graver Handle with an appropriately sized tool holder (see related products below).

The Basics

  • GRS C-Max gravers are made from a specially formulated tungsten carbide alloy for a great blend of hardness and toughness. Although more brittle than other steel alloys, C-Max gravers stay sharp much longer. They can only be sharpened with diamond abrasives.
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254-611 C-Max Carbide Round Blank, 1/8 inch 1/8" (3.175 mm)
252-393 C-Max Carbide Round Blank, 2 mm 3/32" (2.3 mm)