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GRS Tungsten Carbide Square Graver Blanks

GRS Tungsten Carbide Square Graver Blanks

The square sides of these Tungsten Carbide Gravers from GRS have a nice utility ground finish that is straight and square. The pre-shaped blank gives you a head start when creating your own square graver, while the un-shaped blank can be custom ground to any shape you want. Both are 3/32" (2.44 mm) square — big enough for most every job but without the extra bulk that adds cost and sharpening time. Both blanks must be shaped and sharpened before use. Made in USA.

The Basics

  • Square Gravers have a square face that creates a 90° cutting edge. They're used for removing background material, shading, cutting border lines and star shapes, and for raising and rolling beads for stone setting.
  • Carbide Steel gravers maintain their sharpness longer than any other steel. They are more brittle than carbon steel and hss and are more likely to break or chip if mishandled.
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252-400 GRS Tungsten Carbide Graver Blank Square graver blank
252-403 GRS Tungsten Carbide Square Graver Pre-shaped square graver blank