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Soldering & Joining

  • Solder


    Silver solder sheet and wire, clipped solder pallions, plumb gold solder, solder paste and soft solders.

  • Flux


    Borax powder, Batterns flux, Prips flux, boric acid, and jel flux. Heat shield and Kool Jool for protecting sensitive parts during soldering.

  • Torches & Regulators

    Torches & Regulators

    Torches from Smith and Gentec, acetylene and oxygen tanks and regulators, torch holders and accessories.

  • Soldering Tools

    Soldering Tools

    Ceramic and charcoal soldering boards, annealing pans, soldering stands and third hands and dispensing tools.

  • Pickling


    Electric picklers and Sparex pickling compound for cleaning soldered metal.

  • Riveting


    Solid and hollow rivets in brass, copper, and aluminum. Beadsmith EZ-Rivet Tool.