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Smith Silversmith Torch Air & Acetylene Kit

Smith Silversmith Torch Air & Acetylene Kit

Model 239-193

Smith's acetylene & air silversmith torch kit provides a fast, concentrated flame (up to 4800° F) without the use of an oxygen tank. Ideal for all jewelry soldering, brazing, annealing, and silversmith melting jobs. Kit includes torch handle, no. 00 tip (very fine), adjustable acetylene regulator, 12 foot hose with B fittings (9/16"), and torch lighter. Torch handle constructed from precisely machined, nickel-plated brass. Five additional torch tips are available separately. For use with B acetylene tank (adapter required for use with MC size tank, see below). Made in USA.

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114-400 Torch Kit with 00 tip
114-409 no. 00 tip 0.066" orifice
114-410 no. 0 tip 0.095" orifice
114-411 no. 1 tip 0.147" orifice
114-412 no. 2 tip 3/16" orifice
114-413 no 3 tip 1/4" orifice
114-414 no. 4 tip 3/8" orifice