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Firescoff Ceramic Coating Soldering Flux

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Firescoff Ceramic Coating Soldering Flux

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Firescoff® is a revolutionary heat activated ceramic spray coating. Firescoff® combines a fire scale preventer, a heat shield, a high performance non-fluorinated soldering flux (for both hard and soft solder) and the convenience of easy removal in warm water, all-in-one. Leading Jewelers and Jewelry Manufacturers have switched from using boric acid, paste soldering flux, and pickle solution to Firescoff® because Firescoff® is faster, offers more protection for gemstones, and features a no-acid, warm water cleanup. Firescoff is provided in a 1 oz. or 4 oz. spray bottle. Made in USA

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Product Details

  • Integrated non-fluorinated soldering flux for consistent soft and hard solder welding.
  • Perform multiple soldering operations without waiting.
  • Enjoy strong, non-brittle, void-free welds.
  • Greater control when reticulating with silver or gold.
  • Superior performance over boric acid & liquid flux or paste flux.
  • Provides stray heat protection for gemstones.
  • Prevents scaling of metal alloys including gold, stainless steel, copper, and silver.
  • Warm water cleanup - less than 2 minutes in an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Remove pickling acids from the workbench.
  • Alcohol-free - no dangerous flash, no frustrating burn residue.
  • No smell, no out-gassing

"Additional tests of the fire scale-prevention aspect of the product proved it to be every bit as good as the literature claims. Pieces of sterling silver coated with Firescoff Flux showed no fire scale after being heated to near-fusion temperatures." — Art Jewelry Magazine