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Modular Electric Soldering Iron
  • interchangeable tips
    interchangeable tips
  • screw on heaters
    screw on heaters

Modular Electric Soldering Iron

"Modular" means you can configure your Soldering Iron in a way that best suits your needs. First, you need the 2-wire Soldering Iron Handle that features cool, soft-touch, acid and flux-resistant grips and a 5 foot cord. Next, you can choose the one-piece 45 watt Heater with integral chisel-shaped tip (item 420-585) or the Modular Heater (item 420-603) that accepts Interchangeable Tips that you order separately. These Interchangeable Tips have female threads and are silver plated. Either heater provides a temperature of up to 1000°F. 110 volts, UL listed.

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420-564 Soldering Iron Handle Handle
420-585 Chisel Tipped Soldering Iron Heater Chisel tipped heater
420-603 Heater for Interchangeable Soldering Iron Tips Heater for interchangeable tips
420-611 Pencil Interchangeable Soldering Iron Tip Pencil interchangeable tip

420-615 Chisel Interchangeable Soldering Iron Tip Chisel interchangeable tip