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Orca Propane EZ Torch

Orca Propane EZ Torch

The Orca EZ Torch is a highly versatile, very portable torch used with propane and room air for soldering, annealing, and general craftwork. Two versions are available: one model (item 114-031) is used with a 14.1 oz. disposable propane tank and the other model (item 114-032) is used with 5 lb. refillable propane tanks. Concentrated flame reaches temperatures up to 2400° F (1315° C). The Orca torch operates on direct tank pressure, which means that it is not necessary to purchase a separate pressure regulator, because each torch is provided with a valve that is attached to the tank and which reduces the fuel tank pressure to a preset, lower pressure. This valve provides a perfectly controlled, stable flame. And yet, for all its practicality, the EZ Torch is a precision instrument. Complete torch outfits include the torch body, three torch tips, and preset tank valve. Torches sold without propane tanks. Made in Brazil.

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114-031 EZ Torch for Disposable Propane Tanks EZ Torch for Disposable Propane Tanks (14 oz) 1"-20 thread connection

114-032 EZ Torch for Refillable Propane Tanks EZ Torch for Refillable Propane Tanks (5 lb) CGA 510 connection