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Smith Little Torch Kit

Smith Little Torch Kit

with 5 tips

The basic Little Torch set is ideal for use in the fully equipped shop or lab. Includes aluminum alloy torch body, 5 copper tips, 8 feet of durable hose with 9/16"-18 connectors, regulator adapters, and complete instructions. Can be used with acetylene, propane, natural gas, MAPP, propylene, or hydrogen. Provided with 5 tips, nos. 3 through 7. The smallest Little Torch tip is size no. 2 (no. 114-302) and is available separately, though suitable for use only with acetylene or hydrogen. Valves, connections, and hoses are all color-keyed for convenience and safety.

Regulators and fuel and oxygen cylinders sold separately. To use this torch with disposable propane and oxygen cylinders, you need to purchase Preset Tank Regulators (see related products below).

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