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Reference Library

A collection of charts, formulas, and other resources to aid jewelers, beading artists, and other craftspeople.

  • Ring Blank Sizing Chart

    Ring Blank Sizing Chart

    List of US ring sizes and equivalent blank lengths

  • Jeweler’s Saw Blades & Drills

    Jeweler's Saw Blades & Drills

    Jeweler's saw blade size, thickness, teeth/inch and drill sizes

  • Metal Sheet & Wire Weights

    Metal Sheet & Wire Weights

    Weights of various wire and sheetstock (per foot or sq. inch)

  • B&S Gauge Conversion

    B&S Gauge to mm & inches Conversion

    Convert gauge to mm sizes and equivalent inches

  • Compare Dapping Set Sizes

    Compare Dapping Set Sizes

    Dapping punch sizes compared in mm and inches

  • Choosing the Right Bur

    Bur styles, their shapes, and descriptions of their uses

  • File Cuts, Styles, & Shapes

    File Cuts, Styles, & Shapes

    File styles, shapes, cuts, and descriptions of uses

  • Types of Jewelry Pliers

    Types of Jewelry Pliers

    Plier styles, including specialty pliers and cutters

  • Types of Metalsmithing Hammers

    Types of Metalsmithing Hammers

    Overview of metalsmithing hammer types

  • Tweezer Styles & Patterns

    Tweezer Styles & Patterns

    Illustrated example of common tweezer styles

  • Fuel Gas & Melting Temperatures

    Fuel Gas & Melting Temperatures

    Temperatures of torch gasses and melting points of metal

  • Torch Tank/Cylinder Sizes

    Torch Tank/Cylinder Sizes

    Size designations and capacities of common tank sizes

  • Operating Oxy/Fuel Torches

    Operating Oxy/Fuel Torches

    Instructions on how to setup and safely use a torch

  • Wire Drawing Process

    Wire Drawing Process

    Instructions for drawing down wire using a drawplate