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Thumler's Tumbler Model B

Thumler's Tumbler Model B

Professional Rock / Rotary Tumbler

This professional quality rotary / rock tumbler from Thumler's Tumblers features a fan-cooled motor with thermal protection. Water-tight, hexagonal steel tumbler barrel with removable, heavy rubber liner will provide years of quiet efficient operation. Used for tumbling jewelry, rocks, sea glass, and other items with wet or dry media. Capacity is 1-1/4 gals. or 15 lbs. and overall dimensions are 11" x 11" x 11". 115V. Shipping weight 17 lbs.

  • Full Speed (barrel rotation 40 RPM): For burnishing and deburring all malleable metals or whenever steel shot is used as the burnishing medium.
  • Half Speed (barrel rotation 20 RPM): For burnishing and deburring brittle objects such as rocks or parts fashioned from brittle materials.
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180-525 Half Speed model

180-526 Full Speed model

180-525-01 Repl. barrel

180-525-02 Repl. drive belt