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TumbleClean Dual Purpose Detergent

TumbleClean Dual Purpose Detergent

TumbleClean is two detergents in one: a burnishing detergent that imparts a brilliant color and lustrous finish to all metals and also a highly effective soak cleaner for removing buffing compounds. TumbleClean is chelated to work well in hard water, eliminating insoluble soap buildup.

Burnishing: An easy to use liquid, TumbleClean is used with nonabrasive media (such as steel shot) in all vibratory and tumbling equipment. Used at room temperature in a proportion of 1 to 5% by volume of water. Will not darken or discolor steel shot.

Soaking Detergent: TumbleClean's chelating and wetting-out properties make it ideal for eliminating hard to remove buffing compounds. Non-spotting because of it's excellent rinsing qualities, TumbleClean also has inhibitors that prevent damage to soft metals.

TumbleClean is available in quart or gallon containers. Biodegradable and mildly alkaline.

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