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Large Swifty Cylinders

Large Swifty Cylinders

Ideal for inside rings or for wide surfaces, these 1/2" dia. rubber cylinders greatly reduce polishing time. Used with light pressure at speeds up to 5000 RPM. 442-756 is for polishing platinum. Sold in packages of 12.

For use with Miniature Mandrel for Swifty Cylinders (see related products below).

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442-751 Swifty Silicone Cylinders, coarse/blue 1/2 inch dia. 1/2" Coarse / blue 12 pcs.
442-752 Swifty Silicone Cylinders, fine/gray green 1/2 inch dia. 1/2" Fine / gray-green 12 pcs.
442-753 Swifty Silicone Cylinders, extra fine 1/2 inch dia. 1/2" Extra Fine / light brown 12 pcs.
442-756 Swifty Silicone Cylinders, for Platinum 1/2 inch dia. 1/2" for Platinum / green 12 pcs.