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White metal spincasting equipment and supplies. Mold rubber discs, Nicem and Contenti casting machines, tin-lead and lead-free alloys.

For a description of the Spin Casting process and FAQs, visit our Spin Casting Information page.

  • Mold Making

    Mold Making

    Mold rubber ring frames, mold cutting blades and handles, acorn nuts and locators, spray release agents and talc.

  • Mold Rubber

    Mold Rubber

    Spin casting rubber discs from Contenti, Nicem and Marathon. Available in a variety of diameters.

  • Pewter & Tin White Metal

    Pewter & Tin White Metal

    Pewter casting white metal, wire and sheet. Lead and lead-free tin alloys for use in spin casting.

  • Spincasting Supplies

    Spincasting Supplies

    Salammoniac and Stanogen fluxes, transfer ladles and ingot molds.

  • Casting Machines

    Casting Machines

    Spin casting (white metal) machines from Contenti and Nicem

  • Melting Furnaces

    Melting Furnaces

    Electric and gas-fired soft metal melting furnaces, pyrometers, and melting pots.

  • Vulcanizers


    Contenti HV120 vulcanizer for spincasting mold frames.