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Nicem® Green Low Temperature Cure Silicone Mold Rubber

Nicem® Green Low Temperature Cure Silicone Mold Rubber

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2 discs
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A new heat-cured, soft silicone rubber formulation developed for lower temperature vulcanizing that produces a mold with much less shrinkage (see table below) than other mold compounds. This new compound is used when shrinkage of a master pattern, used to make additional patterns in a production spincasting mold, must be limited. Shrinkage is so low that it is often unnecessary to use RTV silicones that require vacuum degassing and 24 hour cure cycles. Being a heat cured silicone, Nicem® Green also has physical properties vastly superior to RTV silicones.

During vulcanization, Nicem® Green requires as little as 20% of the pressure required to cure other mold compounds. This lower pressure requirement makes it ideal for delicate patterns that might be destroyed or distorted with standard pressure and temperature settings. Patterns can be made of metal, plastic, resins, butter board, plaster and wood. Each set consists of (2) 9" x 1/2" thick discs.

Cure Schedule for 1" Mold
Temperture Time Required Shrinkage
250 deg. F 78 mins. 0.9%
212 deg. F 2 hrs., 48 mins. 0.7%
194 deg. F 5 hrs. 0.45%
176 deg. F 14 hrs. 0.2%

Product Details

Silicone Mold Rubber Discs
Rubber Series Applications Durometer Flexibility Tear Resistance Temperature Resistance
Nicem White A backing material for more expensive mold compounds. 64-66 Medium Medium Medium
200 Series Red Polyester and polyurethane resins, lead and tin alloys, and as a backing material for more expensive mold compounds. 63 Medium Medium Medium
500 Series White Fishing lures, high lead content alloys and polyester and polyurethane resins. 57 Med-High Medium High
Nicem Green High Tear Tin and lead alloy pieces with substantial undercuts. Often used for short runs in zinc alloys. 55-57 High Very High High
Nicem Black Ultra High Tear Tin and lead alloy pieces with very substantial undercuts. 57 High Highest High
Nicem Yellow Zinc, tin and lead alloys, polyester and polyurethane resins. 59-62 High Med-High Very High
Nicem Blue Zinc, tin and lead alloys. Polyester and polyurethane. 63-65 Medium Medium Highest
Nicem Green Low Temperature Cure A low temperature cure rubber used when very low shrinkage is necessary or desirable. 49-51 Very High Very High Med-High