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Nicem® TRSME Semi-Automatic Casting Machine

Nicem® TRSME Semi-Automatic Casting Machine

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The Contenti Company is the sole distributor of Nicem® Spin Casting Machines and Mold Rubbers in both the United States and Canada. Made in Italy, these machines are of exceptional quality.

The Nicem TRSME 3-Station Spin Casting Machine can increase productivity by more than 100%. The automatically indexing rotary table has three pressure plates. Spinning time is governed by an automatic reset timer, while metal is poured manually. As one mold enters the casting chamber, another, filled mold emerges. The mold that has just emerged is then fan-cooled, while the mold in the third position is removed and replaced with another. The indexing speed of the rotary table is preset at the factory to ensure maximum productivity. While the TRSME delivers a substantial increase in productivity, operator fatigue is reduced significantly. The savings in reduced labor costs will offset the cost of the machine relatively quickly.

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The TRSME incorporates a number of other design innovations to speed production:

Programmable electronic speed control allows for fast and precise speed selection up to 1500 RPM. This speed control is also programmable, allowing the user to pre-program a different speed for each of the three stations. Actual speed is displayed on a digital LCD tachometer.

Dual Pressure Regulators. Two pressure regulators permit the pre-selection of two different pressure settings. Shuttling between them is easy: simply press a button. Of course any other pressure setting is accomplished by adjusting one of the regulators.

Other features include a timer with LED readout, cycle counter, mold cooling fan, dynamic balancing, and motor reversibilty.

  • Power 220 volts, 3 phase, 12 amps
  • Max. Mold Dia. 14"
  • Max. Mold Thickness 2 1/4"
  • Dimensions 51"W x 45"D x 52"H
  • Shipping Wt. 1362 lbs.

Each TRSME can be ordered with custom features to suit your requirements: enhanced mold clamping system for zinc casting, larger pouring holes for zinc casting, pressure plates for different diameter molds, 380 volt motor, CSA approved motor, 15" dia. capacity pressure plates, etc.

The Contenti Company stocks a wide variety of replacement parts for this and other Nicem manufactured equipment. Pricing shown below is F.O.B. Providence and includes one set of pressure plates and crating costs. Call for pricing on factory direct shipments (F.O.B. Milan, Italy). Made in Italy.