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Pewter Casting White Metal and Tin Alloys

Pewter Casting White Metal and Tin Alloys

Since only the finest ingredients will produce the best results, our pewter casting and tin and lead based white metal alloys are made from high-grade 100% primary metals. A system of scientific checks ensures that each metal alloy is of consistent quality and uniformity. Ingots are stamped with the alloy and melt number. Each melt is metallurgically tested against rigid performance standards. Each ingot is subjected to a rigorous program of quality control. Ultra-efficient production processes mean less downtime and rejections, less dross, and less porosity. Contenti stocks high tin content white metal casting alloys in two series: Tin-Lead alloys and Lead-Free Tin alloys, including 92-8 pewter casting alloy.

The market value of bulk metal fluctuates daily, therefore, we cannot post the prices of alloys on our website. Please contact us for current pricing and ordering information.

Tin-Lead Alloys
Item No. Alloy Composition Casting Temperature Applications
176-888 HP88
  • Tin 88%
  • Antimony 1.5%
  • Lead 9%
  • Cadmium 1.5%
500 - 700° F Tailored costume jewelry or novelty items.
176-8925 92A
  • Tin 92.5%
  • Antimony 2%
  • Lead 5.5%
450 - 750° F Full-bodied figurines, boxes, and picture frames. Cadmium free.
Lead-Free Tin Alloys
Item No. Alloy Composition Casting Temperature Applications
176-892 92-8
  • Tin 92%
  • Antimony 7.5%
  • Copper 0.5%
485 - 700° F Finely detailed or filigree-type pieces. Not recommended for large plain surfaces or full-bodied cross-sections.
176-898 MPK
  • Tin 98%
  • Bismuth 1.5%
  • Copper 0.25%
  • Silver 0.25%
440 - 650° F Applications range from fine costume jewelry to small figurines.

Please contact us for current price.

Item No. Description Melting Point Price Qty
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176-888 HP88 Tin-lead Alloy 500 - 700° F
176-8925 92A Tin-lead Alloy 450 - 750° F
176-892 92-8 Pewter Lead-Free Tin Alloy 485 - 700° F
176-898 MPK Lead-Free Tin Alloy 440 - 650° F