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GRS Center Positioning Engraving Block Ball Vise

GRS Center Positioning Engraving Block Ball Vise

For Microscope Work

For performing detailed work under a microscope, nothing beats the GRS Center Positioning Ball Vise. Like all GRS ball vises, this model has a self-centering jaw system and high quality roller bearings for extremely smooth movement. What sets this model apart is its positionable center of rotation, which eliminates the need for a turntable. Unlike standard ball vises that require you to loosen the vise jaws and re-position your work or re-position your microscope, the Center Positioning Vise requires only a simple flick of the quick-release positioning lever to re-center your work under your microscope. This simplified adjustment allows you to keep your eyes on your scope at all times, increasing your efficiency considerably.

The GRS Positioning Vise is among the largest and heaviest of GRS engraving blocks, giving it exceptional stability. Rotational resistance is adjustable for fine-tuning movement and every major part of the vise is machined from solid steel stock for lasting service. Furnished with 2 jaw plates, 5 steel pins (four 9/64" pins and one 1/4" pin), hex wrench, and plastic hex knob. Made in USA.

GRS Engraving Block Comparison

Block Scale Diameter Jaw Width Max Opening Height Weight
MicroBlock MicroBlock 80 mm
46 mm
50 mm
86 mm
4.35 lb
(2 kg)
MicroBlock XL MicroBlock XL 100 mm
46 mm
70 mm
97 mm
7 lb
(3.1 kg)
Standard Block Standard Block 130 mm
63.5 mm
76 mm
152 mm
20.9 lb
(9.5 kg)
MagnaBlock MagnaBlock 147 mm
89 mm
89 mm
184 mm
32.6 lb
(14.8 kg)
Low Profile Low Profile 147 mm
89 mm
89 mm
146 mm
23.6 lb
(10.7 kg)
Center Positioning Center Positioning 180 mm
76 mm
89 mm
197 mm
42 lb
(19 kg)
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