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GRS Alexandre Ring Engraving/Setting Fixture

GRS Alexandre Ring Engraving/Setting Fixture

For the GRS Microblock

Designed for use with the GRS Microblock or, with the addition of Adaptor Jaws, the Standard Engraving Block (see related products below). The Alexandre Ring Fixture includes 2 bell-shaped jaw attachments that are mounted on the jaws of the vise/block. One of two sizes of horizontal drawbars is then mounted into the jaw attachments to accommodate rings of almost any width. The plastic expanding mandrels (2 sets in 10 diameters) are mounted on the horizontal drawbars. These mandrels expand as the jaws of the block are closed. Specially designed cones allow for rotation of the expanding mandrels and also regulate the drag on this rotation. Another, locking cone stops rotation. Also included is a vertical drawbar with a ball end that is held within a depression in the bell-shaped jaw attachments. In this arrangement the vertical drawbar can pivot 180°. An extremely versatile tools for engravers and stone setters. Provided with an aluminum storage tray. Made in USA.

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