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GRS MicroBlock Engraving Block Ball Vise
  • optional attachment set
    optional attachment set

GRS MicroBlock Engraving Block Ball Vise

Like larger GRS engraving blocks, the GRS MicroBlock Ball Vise is machined from solid stainless steel and finished with a special low glare treatment to reduce eye strain. The Microblock was designed to provide solid work support in a small and maneuverable ball vise. The smooth, self-centering vice jaw system is perfect for stone setting, small engraving jobs, and other precision work. An adjustable internal brake system allows the user to select just the right amount of rotational resistance - from totally free to fully locked and anywhere in between.

The Microblock's low profile and compact design are especially suited for microscope work or other circumstances where the size of a larger vise may obstruct work. Available with or without the GRS Engraving Attachment Set (see related products below). Includes wrenches, four 9/64" steel pins, 6 screws, plastic base, 1 plastic hex key, and a sample of Thermo-Loc fixturing compound. Made in USA.

GRS Engraving Block Comparison

Block Scale Diameter Jaw Width Max Opening Height Weight
MicroBlock MicroBlock 80 mm
46 mm
50 mm
86 mm
4.35 lb
(2 kg)
MicroBlock XL MicroBlock XL 100 mm
46 mm
70 mm
97 mm
7 lb
(3.1 kg)
Standard Block Standard Block 130 mm
63.5 mm
76 mm
152 mm
20.9 lb
(9.5 kg)
MagnaBlock MagnaBlock 147 mm
89 mm
89 mm
184 mm
32.6 lb
(14.8 kg)
Low Profile Low Profile 147 mm
89 mm
89 mm
146 mm
23.6 lb
(10.7 kg)
Center Positioning Center Positioning 180 mm
76 mm
89 mm
197 mm
42 lb
(19 kg)
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210-202 Microblock (without attachment set)
210-203 Microblock with attachment set