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Mold Making Supplies

Jewelry mold frames, locators and release agents, as well as mold making vulcanizers, blades and supplies.
  • Mold Frames

    Mold Frames

    Metal mold frames for use in jewelry lost-wax casting.

  • Mold Locks & Plates

    Mold Locks & Plates

    Sprue formers, mold locators and nuts, vulcanizing plates, and rubber casting pads.

  • Mold Release

    Mold Release

    Release agents for use in metal casting: mica powder, italian talc, graphite, as wells as spray releases from Sprits and Castaldo.

  • Mold Cutting

    Mold Cutting

    Rubber mold cutting blades and handles, utility knives, razor blades, and jewelry mold cutting supplies.

  • Vulcanizers


    Electric vulcanizers for making rubber molds for jewelry.

  • Gravity Pour Casting

    Gravity Pour Casting

    Sand casting kits from Pro-Craft and Delft Casting Clay. Also, cuttlefish bone.