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Castaldo VLT Silicone Mold Rubbber

Castaldo VLT Silicone Mold Rubbber

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Now you can make high-volume, heat-cured production molds directly from CAD/CAM or rapid prototyping patterns quickly and without damage to the pattern from heat or pressure. Castaldo VLT vulcanizes at temperatures as low as 160°F (71°C). At this low temperature you can even make a mold from a wax pattern. And shrinkage is only 1.4%, because of the low curing temperature.

Since it is silicone rubber, Castaldo VLT produces highly detailed wax injections with extremely smooth surfaces that require less finishing. Waxes are self-releasing and need no release agents, and molds are easy to pack and cut. Castaldo VLT is sold by the pound in 18" long x 2 7/8” wide x 3/8" thick strips. Curing time is as follows.

  • 160°F (71°C) 90 minutes
  • 170°F (82°C) 45 minutes
  • 180°F (76°C) 60 minutes
  • 190°F (88°C) 30 minutes