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Fretz Maker® Miniature Hammer Set
  • 262-341 (MKR-401)
    262-341 (MKR-401)
  • 262-342 (MKR-402)
    262-342 (MKR-402)
  • 262-343 (MKR-403)
    262-343 (MKR-403)
  • 262-344 (MKR-404)
    262-344 (MKR-404)
  • 262-345 (MKR-405)
    262-345 (MKR-405)

Fretz Maker® Miniature Hammer Set


The 400 Series Fretz Maker® Hammers are a lower cost alternative to the Fretz PrecisionSmith Series and are approximately the same dimensions. Each tool has a hardened, 420 stainless steel head polished to a bright finish and 228 mm (9") wood handle.

All 5 hammers in the 400 Series Maker® range of hammers are included in this set. To purchase any one of the hammers in this set, see related products below. Made in Vietnam.

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