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Fretz Maker® Miniature Wide Raising Hammer

Fretz Maker® Miniature Wide Raising Hammer


The 400 Series Fretz Maker® Hammers are a lower cost alternative to the Fretz PrecisionSmith Series and are approximately the same dimensions. Each tool has a hardened, 420 stainless steel head polished to a bright finish and 228 mm (9") wood handle.

The MKR-402 Maker® Wide Raising Hammer is a delicate cross pein hammer for texturing round wire with a subtle hammer texture. It is also used for forming thin metal into concave shapes on miniature stakes. Two rectangular, rounded faces. Face dimensions: 6.5 x 15 mm and 8.5 x 15 mm. Made in Vietnam.

  • Head weight: 38.6 grams
  • Head length: 65 mm
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