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Fretz Maker® Miniature Small Embossing Hammer

Fretz Maker® Miniature Small Embossing Hammer


The 400 Series Fretz Maker® Hammers are a lower cost alternative to the Fretz PrecisionSmith Series and are approximately the same dimensions. Each tool has a hardened, 420 stainless steel head polished to a bright finish and 228 mm (9") wood handle.

The MKR-405 Maker® Miniature Small Embossing is a labor intensive hammer because the striking surfaces are quite small. Used on small elements, it is worth the effort. The texture this hammer produces is particularly interesting when coupled with contrasting smooth areas. Two ball ends, 3 mm and 4 mm diameters.

  • Head weight: 27 grams
  • Head length: 66 mm
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