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Foredom PGX Power Graver Kit, K.2293 Kit


Foredom PGX Power Graver Kit, K.2293 Kit

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A complete, self-contained engraving system powered by a hanging Foredom electric motor equipped with a reciprocating handpiece and used with standard gravers, beading tools, and anvil points. You can engrave or do decorative work on gold, silver, copper, steel, and more. Stonesetters can use it to raise bezels, turn prongs, cut grooves, and decorate borders. Separate dial speed control provides a full range of strokes per minute up to 2,800 SPM, while impact force is adjustable on the handpiece. Foot switch functions as an On/Off switch and does not regulate speed. 110 volts.

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Complete outfit as shown
Special Price $513.86 Regular Price $570.95
Spring shaft TX, SR, LX, L, CC, R, S, & PGX motors
Neoprene Sheath (S-76N) PGX motors only
Carbon motor brushes (pair) TX, TXH, LX, LXH, L, PGX & PG motors

Product Details

  • M.PGX Motor is designed for high torque/low speed applications with permanently lubricated ball bearings for quiet trouble-free performance. The smooth running, permanent magnet motor comes equipped standard length key-tip shaft, an extra flexible neoprene sheath and 6' long power cord.
  • H.9D Handpiece works and feels like a hand engraving tool with the added advantages of greater control and the ability to adjust the impact force. This collet type handpiece has a special quick disconnect that fits ONLY the M.PGX motor sheath. Comes with 1/16", 3/32", 3 mm and 1/8" collets.
  • C.EMGX Dial Speed Control used to vary and set speed from Off to 2,800 strokes per minute.
  • C.FCGX On/Off Foot Switch- Momentary On. This control allows you to turn the motor on and off without using the manual switch.
  • 32-minute Instructional DVD.
  • Set of 4 Gravers - #52 Round, #3 Onglette, #2 Bevel, #40 Flat
  • Carbide Stylus Point and Anvil point
  • Flexible Shaft Grease
  • Handpiece Oil
Foredom Motor Comparison Chart
Motor Series Features Horsepower Motor Type Max Speed Direction
SR Series Foredom's most popular motor. Plenty of power and speed for most jobs. Motor can run in reverse. 1/6 HP* Universal 18,000 RPM Forward & Reverse
TX Series More power/torque under load. Good for demanding work like grinding and material removal. 1/3 HP* Permanent Magnet 15,000 RPM Forward only
LX Series Low speed, high torque motor best for stone setting, wax modeling, and hammer handpieces. 1/10 HP* Permanent Magnet 5,000 RPM Forward only
PGX Powergraver Dedicated System with specialized handpiece for stone setting, engraving and texturing. 1/20 HP* Permanent Magnet 2,800 RPM Forward only

*The horsepower of Foredom motors is rated at continuous duty or maximum efficiency under load, not maximum output. Other manufacturers list maximum output, which is not a realistic measure of horsepower during actual use. The maximum output of Foredom motors is higher than what is listed.