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LX Series Foredom Flex Shaft

LX Series Foredom Flex Shaft

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The LX Series Foredom Flex Shaft is a high torque, low speed motor (maximum speed 5000 RPM) engineered specifically for low speed/high torque applications such as stone setting, jewelry wax grinding and carving, and pearl drilling. It's also the ideal flexshaft motor to use with hammer handpieces. This permanent magnet, ball bearing motor is more powerful than the Foredom "L" series motor it replaces. Furnished with Foredom's No. 30 Handpiece and TXR foot control. Also available with the foot control, but without a handpiece. 115 volts.

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New2009-10-08 00:00:00
LX Motor, TXR foot control, & no. 30 handpiece
New2009-10-08 00:00:00
LX Motor & TXR foot control (no handpiece)

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Foredom Motor Comparison Chart
Motor Series Features Horsepower Motor Type Max Speed Direction
SR Series Foredom's most popular motor. Plenty of power and speed for most jobs. Motor can run in reverse. 1/6 HP* Universal 18,000 RPM Forward & Reverse
TX Series More power/torque under load. Good for demanding work like grinding and material removal. 1/3 HP* Permanent Magnet 15,000 RPM Forward only
LX Series Low speed, high torque motor best for stone setting, wax modeling, and hammer handpieces. 1/10 HP* Permanent Magnet 5,000 RPM Forward only
PGX Powergraver Dedicated System with specialized handpiece for stone setting, engraving and texturing. 1/20 HP* Permanent Magnet 2,800 RPM Forward only

*The horsepower of Foredom motors is rated at continuous duty or maximum efficiency under load, not maximum output. Other manufacturers list maximum output, which is not a realistic measure of horsepower during actual use. The maximum output of Foredom motors is higher than what is listed.