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HSS Round Bur Rotary File (1/8" shank)

HSS Round Bur Rotary File (1/8" shank)

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This high speed steel round (ball) rotary file is ground from solid stock for grinding at low to medium speeds in flexshaft machines and drill presses. 1/4" diameter head and 1/8" shank.

Bur Basics

Round Burs are useful for de-burring or enlarging holes, carving recesses for sweat soldering, and refining stone settings. Because of their shape they can be used at any angle.

High Speed Steel (HSS) burs strike a balance between cost and durability. They maintain their hardness (temper) better than vanadium steel and cost less than carbide steel.

1/8" dia. shanks are larger than the standard 3/32" tools most used by jewelers. These larger tools fit most adjustable chucks but will not fit most quick-change handpieces.