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Bur, Blade, & Cutting Lubricant

Bur, Blade, & Cutting Lubricant

By reducing friction and heat build-up, Bur Lube will provide smoother cuts, speed your work, reduce chatter, and extend the life of nearly any cutting tool. used in a broad variety of applications

  • Burs
  • Sawblades
  • Files
  • Diamond Drills
  • Abrasive Stones
  • Taps & Dies
  • Drawplates & Wires
  • Stamping Tools
  • Gravers
  • Disc Cutters

Choose from Stick, Paste, or Liquid. Liquid Bur Lube is generally used on porous and other hard to coat surfaces such as diamond drills, stones, and drawplates.

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330-060 Bur Lube Stick (2 oz.)
  • (3 or more) $4.24

330-061 Bur Lube Liquid (4 oz.)
330-062 Bur Lube Paste (4 oz.)