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Bullet Diamond Bur Points

Bullet Diamond Bur Points

Bullet burs are similar in shape to bud/flame burs, but have straight sides at the bottom. They are useful for tapering and enlarging holes, repositioning holes, and for a variety of stone setting tasks. Made from galvanically bonded diamond impregnated steel. Use with water or another lubricant (see related products below). 3/32" shanks.

The Basics

  • Diamond Burs/Points are made from steel that has diamond particles permanently bonded to the outside. They are ideal for carving glass, stone, ceramic, and metal. They must be used with water or another lubricant.
  • 3/32" dia. shanks are the jeweler's preferred standard for burs and small rotary tools. They fit the adjustable chucks found on most flexshaft handpieces as well as 3/32" handpiece collets.
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335-191 Bullet Diamond Point 1 mm dia. 1 mm
  • (5 or more) $1.20
335-192 Bullet Diamond Point 2 mm dia. 2 mm
  • (5 or more) $1.20
335-194 Bullet Diamond Point 4 mm dia. 4 mm
  • (5 or more) $1.92
335-196 Bullet Diamond Point 6 mm dia. 6 mm
  • (5 or more) $2.88