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Fretz Maker® Mid-size Hammer Set
  • 262-301 (MKR-1)
    262-301 (MKR-1)
  • 262-302 (MKR-2)
    262-302 (MKR-2)
  • 262-303 (MKR-3)
    262-303 (MKR-3)
  • 262-304 (MKR-4)
    262-304 (MKR-4)
  • 262-305 (MKR-5)
    262-305 (MKR-5)

Fretz Maker® Mid-size Hammer Set


All 5 hammers in the Fretz Mid-Size Maker® range of hammers are included in this set. Each hammer can also be purchased separately (see related products below).

The Basics

  • Fretz Mid-Size Maker® Hammers are a lower cost alternative to the original line of high-end Fretz hammers. Average head length is 65 mm. The classic shapes are great for planishing, embossing, raising, and more. They feature 420 stainless steel heads polished to a bright finish and 240 mm (9.5") long North American Ash handles.
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