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Fretz Maker® Insert Hammer Sets
  • 262-193
  • 262-197

Fretz Maker® Insert Hammer Sets


The Fretz MKR-7 Insert Hammer is equipped with 1 nylon insert along with a selection of metal ends for "hammer chasing." Chasing, of course, is the method of striking metal supported in pitch with a specially shaped tool. The MKR-7 is supplied with metal ends of various shapes for fluting and embossing a wide variety of jewelry shapes. The metal ends also create interesting textures. The included nylon end is for working your metal without marking. Fitted with stainless heads and American ash handles, the MKR-7 Maker® Hammer Sets are available with 3 metal inserts or with 7 metal inserts. Both sets are furnished with a hex key and 1 flat nylon insert. Overall length 9.25".

The Basics

  • Fretz Mid-Size Maker® Hammers are a lower cost alternative to the original line of high-end Fretz hammers. Average head length is 65 mm. The classic shapes are great for planishing, embossing, raising, and more. They feature 420 stainless steel heads polished to a bright finish and 240 mm (9.5") long North American Ash handles.
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262-193 Fretz Maker® MKR-7 Hammer Set, 3 inserts Hammer & 3 metal inserts
262-197 Fretz Maker® MKR-7 Hammer Set, 7 inserts Hammer & 7 metal inserts