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Fretz Maker® Mid-size Hammer Set
  • 262-301 (MKR-1)
    262-301 (MKR-1)
  • 262-302 (MKR-2)
    262-302 (MKR-2)
  • 262-303 (MKR-3)
    262-303 (MKR-3)
  • 262-304 (MKR-4)
    262-304 (MKR-4)
  • 262-305 (MKR-5)
    262-305 (MKR-5)

Fretz Maker® Mid-size Hammer Set


Fretz's Maker® range of mid-size hammers is designed to offer the metalsmith many of the quality features of Fretz's traditional tools at a lower price. All of the hammers in this range are equipped with hand-finished heads cast in 420 stainless steel and highly polished. These heads are then fitted to handles fashioned from North American Ash. All hammers in this series are 9.5" long approximately and are made in Vietnam.

This set includes all 5 hammers in the Maker® Mid-size Series (see related products below).

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