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  • Abrasives


    Sandpaper, abrasive wheels, miniature abrasives, and sharpening stones.

  • Tumbling


    Vibratory finishing machines and media, magnetic burnishing tumblers, tumbling media and soaps.

  • Polishing Machines

    Polishing Machines

    Motors for buffing, stand-alone and table-top polishing units and dust collectors.

  • Arbors & Mandrels

    Arbors & Mandrels

    Arbors for polishing motors and miniature mandrels for use with flexshaft handpieces.

  • Wire & Bristle Wheels

    Wire & Bristle Wheels

    Wire and bristle wheels for finishing metal surfaces. Large wheels for buffing motors and mini wheels for flexshafts.

  • Buffing Wheels

    Buffing Wheels

    Full size and miniature polishing buffs made of cotton, muslin, felt and other materials. Also, buff rakes for cleaning buffs.

  • Polishing & Buffing Compounds

    Polishing & Buffing Compounds

    Jeweler's polishing compounds including white and red rouge, tripoli, plastic buffing compounds, as well as Zam and simichrome.

  • Polishing Cloths

    Polishing Cloths

    Fine polishing cloths from selvyt, softshine and others.

  • Hand Brushes

    Hand Brushes

    Brass and steel wire brushes for satin finishing, acid brushes, sable brushes, and bristle brushes for bench cleanup.

  • Bead Blasting

    Bead Blasting

    Fine glass beads used to clean metal surfaces without damage.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

    Ultrasonic Cleaning

    Ultrasonic cleaners, cleaning baskets, and detergent solutions.

  • Steam Cleaning

    Steam Cleaning

    Steam cleaners from Reliable and GemOro along with steam detergent.