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Pepetools Super Ring Bender

With Free Nylon Die Set

An easy-to-use, more powerful, and more efficient tool for creating ring shapes. And it's been redesigned and improved to make it powerful enough for fabricating spoon rings. One of seven different pistons is driven against a corresponding round or angled core die by a manually operated cam. Five of the seven core dies are round and are in five diameters: 12, 14, 16, 20, and 22 mm. Also included are a 90° angle die, a 60° angle die, and corresponding pistons. All components are machined from solid steel and are stored in a powder-coated aluminum stand. Can be bolted to a work table or mounted in a bench vise. Made in USA by Pepetools.

NOTE: The bottom plate of the bending tool has been re-designed to be wider and now includes a lip, making it easier to mount in a vise. The separate vise mounting attachment shown in the video below is not needed, so it's no longer included in the set.

For a limited time, we'll automatically include a free set of Pepe's Nylon Dies for shaping your metal without imparting scratches. No need to add the die set to your cart.

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390-715 Ring Bender & Free Die Set $225.00